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PVStop is a fire retardant solution that acts as a liquid blanket to make solar panels safe. In the event of a short circuit or an emergency (such as a fire or flood) solar panels continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC voltage.

How Does it Work?

The primary function of PVStop is to render panels to be electrically safe while acting as a fire retardant solution. The PV module does not need to be entirely covered for the panel to be deactivated. Spraying a line across the middle of the panel, for example, and covering only as much as 40% is enough to isolate solar power production.

However, covering the entire panel will continue to reduce DC voltage to zero.


The PVStop spray delivery system allows users to cover solar panels in a matter of seconds. The fire retardant solution blocks light to the PV cells upon contact. The isolation process is complete as soon as the coating has been applied across the middle 40% of the solar panel array, rendering the solar panel system electrically safe.


PVStop is designed to operate in a similar fashion to a fire extinguisher and comes in a variety of sizes for flexibility and portability.

These delivery systems range from small hand-held vessels to large wheeled mobile extinguishers. PVStop can be sprayed at a safe distance ranging from 5-10m, which allows the coating to be applied either directly from the roof for installation and maintenance or from the ground in an emergency or fire situation.


The polymer film is designed to stick to solar panels during all weather conditions. Even if the PV modules are wet or installed on an angle, the coating will stick to the glass panel unlike other fire fighting agents that have a tendency to slide off smooth surfaces.

Peels Off

Once the coating has dried, PVStop can be easily peeled off by hand. The coating does not contain any adhesives and does not damage solar panels in any way. The coating can be peeled off up to 12 months after being applied even when exposed to UV and other weather elements.


PVStop is non-conductive and the fire retardant solution allows it to be used in fire and emergency situations. An electrical arc at the panel can be difficult to extinguish during daylight. PVStop will disable the panel, stop the arc and extinguish any flames.

Easy to Dispose

Once it has served its purpose, PVStop can be peeled off the solar panel by hand, condensed into a small ball and disposed of safely in domestic waste.

Reactive Solution

Current solutions for reducing solar panel hazards are all preventative which means that that they need to be installed before a disaster or a hazard occurs for them to be effective. PVStop empowers solar panel owners, fire fighters and emergency personnel with a reactive tool that will render solar panels electrically safe when required.

Safety Data Sheet

For more PVStop technical details please refer to the safety data sheet.


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PVStop switches off solar panels in seconds, it is an essential solar PV safety solution

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